Commissions, Awards & Grants

 Commissions, Awards & Grants

  • Finnish Arts Council travel bursary to attend & present work 'Station Motion' at Pichelache Festival, Helsinki. 2005

  • Beacon Arts Festival, Lincolnshire commission for interactive show 'Int. Room Day' 2007

  • ACE R&D grant to combine my MA research into body/mind work through martial arts training with Professor Phillip Zarrilli with expanded experience of performer actions and audience interaction 2006.

  • Marlborough Theatre/Nightingale Theatre/Brighton Festival Fringe commissioned performance in a Dip Your Toe bathing machine with our bespoke camera obscura - 'Vivascope' 2012

  • Independent newspaper i award for 'Vivascope' 2012.

  • Battersea Arts Centre development space/support & Scratch to create Seth Kriebel's 'A House Repeated’ & 3 week run. 2015.

  • Battersea Arts Centre/Marlborough Theatre development space/support to create Seth Kriebel's 'Beowulf' & 3 week run 2017

  • Home Live Art bursary for development of ‘Landed’. 2018

  • Battersea Arts Centre, development space & support for new piece ‘Landed’ 2018-19 .